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Acrobatics is a starting level for ages 5 and up to help in the development of individual strength, stretch, and confidence of each child.  Students will learn floor work integrating tumbling skills (forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, limbers, back walk-overs, front and back handsprings, and aerial to name a few) with dance movements. This class encompasses fun learning activities and exercises to spark creativity, imagination, coordination and socialization.  Dancers gain poise, grace, self-confidence and discipline of the mind and body.  Potty trained is a requirement.



Elementary level building on the basic Tumbling and Gymnastic techniques. techniques.  This class is designed to gain strength, technique and flexibility.


Dress code for the Acrobatics class is black or light pink Leotard and black or light pink Tights.  No shoes will be worn during this class.