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Welcome to Glenda's Dance Center

Glenda's Dance Center offers dance instruction for all ages in Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Pointe, Contemporary, Combo, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop.  Our award-winning, family-oriented dance studio has been in the St. Cloud area for the past 30 years and we are very proud of the students who have become part of Glenda's Dance Center family.

We are dedicated to encouraging, supporting, guiding and developing dance as a means of positive human experiences in our students. Our philosophy is to provide the finest dance instruction in an atmosphere of professionalism, mutual respect, fun, encouragement and innovation.


  1. We have adjusted our current schedules.  We have bumped the times on our current schedule to reflect classes starting every hour.  You will still have your 45 minute class, and we will use the 15 minutes in between classes to disinfect, sanitize, and clear our the class that just ran, and enter the new dancers for the next class.

  2. We will amend our classes so that we do not hold hands, or do any partner stunts and can dance as far apart as we can.  We will mark 6' on the floor in "X's". We will not be lining up to go across the floor.  We will warm up and do combinations in the center and of course, rehearse recital dances.

  3. For those who do not feel comfortable with dancing in person, we will have a live feed going in each class so they can still dance along at home. We will welcome you in, in person, when you are ready!

  4. I urge/request that Level 1-5 parents not come up to the studio and wait in our lobby.  I will be live-feeding every class so you can watch/chat from your car or from home.  For combo aged dancers, please only 1 parent inside with your dancer and we will ask no siblings, if possible. You will need to download the ZOOM app on your phone, iPad, or computer to utilize the live feed.

  5. We will be doing touchless temperature taking at the door.  We will have all dancers wash hands upon entering the studio.  Dancers are allowed to wear masks if you/they feel more comfortable.  I am providing masks to my faculty but am not requiring them to teach in them.  We will urge the class to gather their belongings and exit after the class so we can allow the other class into the studio. (the exception to that would be those who have back to back classes, we will spread them out in the studio to wait while we clean).  We will block off the water fountain so make sure they bring water if they want a drink.  And they are welcome to bring and keep their own personal hand sanitizer in their dance bag for before and after class.  IF YOUR DANCER IS NOT FEELING WELL OR IS SICK, PLEASE STAY HOME!!



Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive dance program in the area.

All of our instructors are professionally trained and approach dance as a healthy fun activity.  Our program is designed to enhance "the love of dance."  It instills self-esteem, discipline, goal setting, lasting friendships, social graces, and confidence.

Thank you for choosing us to meet your dance needs.  We know you will love our exciting facility. 





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2020-21 Dance Season is OPEN
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Register for 2020-21 Dance Season
Date: August 3, 2020
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St. Cloud Holiday Festival
Date: December 5, 2020
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Studio Statistics

Did you know:

  • there are over 400 dancers currently enrolled

  • 40 dancers competed in recent competitions

  • our dancers have entertained/danced at Disney for over 26 years